Welcome to the Web Site of Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association

In the years of 1991 and 1992, to promote feminist scholarship in Taiwan, some feminist activists began to incubate the idea of establishing an organization composed by local scholars studying gender/sex issues.

    On March 8th of 1993, a group of feminist scholars and artists at the Taipei Office of Tsing-Hua University brought the Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association (TFSA) into existence. A lot of people arrived that day, filling the room with much joy and excitement…. Even up to now, we still share the same zeal and passion that pervaded the room that day.

Establishment: TFSA was established on September 28th 1993.


  1. To expand feminist activities on campus in order to consolidate feminist consciousness among university students.

  2. To timely respond to current gender-/sex-related events or issues and actively pursue and protect women's rights.

  3. To establish networks for information sharing among feminist activists and scholars.


  1. TFSA consists of members affiliated with colleges, universities, and/or non-governmental organizations.

  2. Assembly is the highest decision-making department within the association. Assembly is conducted at least once a year.

  3. Besides the Assembly, the association consists of Board of Directors (BOD) and Board of Supervisors (BOS).

  4. All nine BOD are chosen directly by the Assembly. The head of the Board is chosen among and by the BOD. BOD as well as the head of the board will serve the office for a year and are eligible to be reelected. The head of the board can be re-elected once and once only.

  5. Duties of BOD include: To execute the decisions made in the assembly; to examine the qualifications of members; to conduct board meeting once every other month; to discuss cases proposed by three or more members.

  6. BOS consists of three members. At least one of them is the formed head of BOD and other are elected by the Assembly. They are in charge of supervising all the tasks taken up by the BOD and financial reports.

Major Activities:

  1. Celebrating International Women’s Day by holding conferences, workshops, or round-table discussion about gender issues as well as teaching and research experiences. The activities are co-sponsored by different universities each year.

  2. Holding the Assembly and the annual academic conference.

  3. Holding monthly reading group discussions.